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Rebellious...in a sort of Victorian way.

Tea Partiers Anonymous
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If you're interested in joining, by all means go see our Rules of Tea Partying. Also, read on in the info, as it may give you some idea as to what's going on. We've no idea.
Do fill out the following when you join, if you please. We'd like to know about you! Just copy and paste (without rich text editing).

The Story

One day, three girls (we can call them Kumquat, Cakeling, and Vorovitch [or whatever Kumquat's führer wants to rename the Polish one] Yankovic) were feeling rather antisocial at a party. They went off and pretended to have a lovely tea party, making use of the word "bourgeoise" and generally having a marvelous laugh.
       It was at this "tea party" that many of the Great Inside Jokes of the Tea Coalition began; for instance, Presbyterians (particularly their weddings...). And making sandwiches in the pantry with the butler. Cucumber sandwiches. Also, we were asked if we were in a literary society thingummywhatsit, and a rather nice young man took our picture. Perhaps he's a Presbyterian, and Cakeling married him? Probably the case.
       Very soon, it became known to Kumquat and Yankovic that their friends (regarding whom they had previously only had the highest esteem) were becoming involved in illicit activities! It was therefore decided that something must be done to counteract these iniquitous parties...and that something was the Tea Party.

The first official Tea Party took place on March 12 of
anno domini 2005 at Crossgates Mall in Albany, New York. The participants were Kumquat, Cakeling, and Yankovic. L (who has yet to come to a tea party, let alone be allotted a clever name) was invited, but could not attend FORGOT. Those were nice invitations, too! I pout at her.
       We hold no grudges.
Except, you know, the whole hazing bit... Ah, glorious Schadenfreude. Shh! As far as they're concerned, we hold no grudges. Oh, right. That. Uhhuh. Sure.

To Be Continued...

The Members
To be featured here, please submit a properly obscured photo of yourself as well as a short biography. The photo is optional, but if you do not provide one we shall.

Mmse. Kumquat H.-Z. (Tea Mod with biscuits!)

Kumquat is married to a fellow named Joseph, who is Catholic (a fact we like to keep entre nous). They live in a grand old house, big enough so that the two almost never run into each other. When they do, they nod politely and continue on their way. Well, Joseph eats Kumquat and then runs. But if she prefers to describe it as such...
Kumquat and Joseph have a butler. Kumquat gets along very, very well with this butler. They often visit the butler's pantry together and...make sandwiches.
Delicious sandwiches (of the cucumber variety. SO MUCH SKANKIER than Yankovic).
In addition, Kumquat's number one personal companion (without whom she is never seen [except, you know, most of the time]) is Franz Kafka (in the guise of a large book about philosophy with a photo taped on the cover). The two have been rumored to be closer than friends, but Kumquat denies these suppositions, albeit not really.
[Tramp. :)]

Mmse. Yankovic (Tea Mod with cookies!)

Yankovic may or may not be married (it depends upon whether or not that last divorce went through, and even if it didn't, she doesn't seem to mind...). She lives "alone" with her beloved Nabokov in perpetual oxymoronity, occasionally giving ephermeral attention to Camus, or perhaps others who catch her fancy which only serves to further rumours (I wonder where those come from) that she is, in fact, a dirty tramp. She rather likes hats, and hangs on to the lovely, original, Notebook de Tea Partying for everyone, even if she very rarely brings it so we can use it.

Mme.xcore Cakeling (Intrigue-girl!)

Itchy wing, itchy wing, oh itchy wing. "You know I like my bird pictures."