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Well, you've somehow meandered into our tea-partying commune. We'd love to have you, but understand that there are a few rules.

Taken from Le Notebook de Tea Partying

Tea Party Rules

  1. No missing three (3) in a row excepting a: illness; b: death; c: stuff you can't help.

  2. You must wear, at all tea-partying times, a: pearls [false=life]; b: a hat; c: no pants [you know what we mean].

  3. Pastries are optional.

  4. Decaf is for wimps.

  5. Always be adventurous with your tea selection- never order the same twice in a row!

  6. No 'ultramodern' objects- iPods, discmen, etc. (inc. contacts)

  7. Newcomers may will be subject to hazing.

  8. While holding the tea in hand, the word "like" may not be used in inappropriate context.

  9. Regarding the rules of speech: a: Members of the tea party may not speak about the tea party (parties) to non-members; b: Present members at tea parties may not gossip about non-present members.

  10. Violators of above laws must stand upon a chair [or other suitable stationary object] in a public place and recite "I'm a Little Teapot" with hand motions.

Added Rules and Bylaws

See the community userinfo for further whatsit.

We'd love you to join, and even more for you to begin tea parties in your own locale.
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